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Projeto Calo na Mão

"O Bloco de Pedra is a group of Maracatu Baque Virado style of the city of São Paulo. The group features a contemporary training ahead of a secular tradition of African-Brazilian culture, represented here by drumming, dancing and singing and fun with all the force of Brazilian popular culture.

Maracatu of Baque Virado is a traditional Brazilian culture that involves more than just his musicality. It is also a culture that represents customs and peculiarities of Brazilian history and is alive for over 200 years. This culture represents the black people, heir of crowns and traditions and the Brazilian slave who recreated their customs, their religion and their culture. His legacy, left for today's society, demonstrates that their practices continue to fulfill its role.

O Bloco de Pedra is a group engaged in spreading the culture of the Maracatu Baque Virado in Sao Paulo. The group is related to the Calo na Mão Project, an initiative which promotes socio-cultural activities of the Maracatu Baque Virado, ensuring free and unrestricted access. This set of activities proposes contact with the culture of Maracatu continuously. Participation is free and the project provides all the tools and materials needed.

This experience with Maracatu Baque Virado configures the public space, where the relationship with traditional knowledge resonates within an institution directed to the extensive training of the individual. Thus, the Project Calo na Mão, contributes in the perception of the influence of African culture shaping our country and Brazilian cultural identity, the formation of new Maracatu brincantes, addressing important values in today's society, promoting sociability, maintaining a culture of oral tradition and training us as multipliers of knowledge." (
REI Sampa Intercambio Erasmus 2013)

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